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My roommate and I did a cover of “Ho Hey”, as heard by Lennon and Maisy.

This is Becca’s first time exposing her beautiful voice to anyone who’s not a close friend, let alone the entire internet. Sorry, guys - she’s taken.

Finished! It’s finally finished! I’ve been toiling over this one for a while. Not in a bad way, I just didn’t want to finish it until it felt right.

This was commissioned by two dear friends who are getting married - the bride actually asked me to write it for their wedding before they were even engaged. How’s that for planning?

Anyway, this is for them. At first it was strange to write about someone else’s love story, but after imagining the kind of song I’d want to be singing to my husband, it got easier. And sappier.




You can take my hand, you can pull me in

Kiss me like you dreamed you would

There’s no looking back

Every day that passed I looked for you

Every sun that set I longed for you

Every love that broke my heart

Brought me one day closer to your arms

Hold me close and lead me into that dream

Where words are roads and prayers are streets

There’s no looking back

Every night that passed I dreamt of you

Every star that fell I wished for you

Every smile and every tear

Brought me one day closer to your arms

Words don’t know the feeling in my chest

Every doubt and fear is put to rest

Close your eyes and fall with me

I’m in want of nothing but your arms

Close your eyes and fall with me

I’m in want of nothing but your arms

Mmm. Patrick Watson. Here’s a cover of his called “Words in the Fire.”

I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for two weeks. I’m half asleep in this and still fudge a couple of parts but it’s surprisingly the best take I’ve been able to get. Turns out finger picking is hard.

*Note: The last line should say “words in the fire.” Not sure where the word “arms” came from. Goodnight, world!

New demo! I’ve been wanting to do a song with my sister, Julie, and this one just kind of popped out - maybe in the near future there will be a version of this with the two of us? ;)

Nothing especially crazy or deep; just wanted to write a little tune in 3/4 about lost love (with fun harmonies) and this is the result! 

Hope you like it!

I FINALLY FINISHED A SONG. It’s been months…but this was worth it (I think.) (I hope.)

Without getting too sentimental it’s about my grandparents. Lyrics are here on the regular blog.


Tomorrow morning I’ll be playing this song at my grandparents’ church with my dad and a cellist. This is one of my favorite hymns; the lyrics are just so simple and beautiful. This particular arrangement was done by my dad on the guitar.

I can’t wait!

Here is a demo recording of my newest song, which is en Francais. It’s called “Je Vous Penserai,” or “I Will Think of You.”

For a more detailed description of the lyrics and translations, go here to my other blog. Enjoy!

A newer one, entitled “Next to You.” I was driving home from work and the first line & melody popped in my head - I got back to my apt in record time (yes, illegal speeds were involved) and this song basically wrote itself in the following hour.

Affectionately known as “The Jason Mraz Summer Song.”

Finally! :)

Not too much of an exciting backstory for this one; I wrote it mid-March on/for the guitar (which was a first, I almost always write on the uke) and it was my first real experience with fingerpicking. I finally got a decent recording of it in June.

I initially wrote it without the “ooohs” at the beginning/middle/end, and every time I listened back to a recording I felt like something was missing. Once I added them in (they’re the same melody as the chorus) I knew it was as it should be.
It was inspired by true-ish events, but as always, creative liberties were taken. I hope you like it!
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After writing and re-writing the lyrics and chords (and style and melody and tempo…) for four weeks I can finally say I’m done with this song! I’m really, really happy with the end result too, which is rare.

Unfortunately, my laptop’s fan kept coming on while I was recording so it’s a little distracting in places. Also, I’m not 100% cool with the vocal performance so take it with a grain of salt.

The working title is “Perfect” - also, as I do with all of my songs, I may have taken a few dramatic liberties for the sake of the song having continuity and a good story. You know how it goes.


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