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About Me

I was born and raised in the Richmond area & have had a passion for music as long as I can remember. It picked up around 14 years ago when I learned classical flute, which I played through middle school, high School, and college - I studied Flute at VCU and graduated in 2011 with a BA in Music.

I wrote my first song in the summer of 2010, and it has been my favorite creative outlet ever since. I sing & (try to) play guitar and ukulele, among other things. 

My current (and preferred) musical endeavors have included  being involved with the musical community at my church, as well as the local Folk music circuit. I was in Richmond-based folk band Son of the Sea for 3 years and still do various gigs around Richmond, performing both solo and with friends.

In 2012 I decided to compile & record a bunch of songs I had written, which can be listened to & purchased as an EP on my Bandcamp page.

I can often be found drinking copious amounts of coffee in one of Richmond’s great coffee shops, thinking about knitting, or biking through the fan with a big smile on my face (I love my beautiful city.)

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