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    Words and music by Nicole Reynolds

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    Bethany Taulbee

Here is a completely uncensored version of “Whiskey” - Melanie really wanted me to drop the f-bomb in the 4th verse, which I didn’t include in the first recording….so here it is. This is one of 3 times anyone has ever heard me utter that word aloud, so relish it!

The magic happens at 0:44. Those with delicate ears be warned.

Writer’s Block

Can’t say I’ve ever legitimately had it before until now. And I’m going to be honest, it’s really annoying, haha.

On a related note, I’m constantly on the fence about my music writing style. I have some friends that write these gorgeous, poetic songs that take a while to figure out. They have deep meaning and are rewarding to write and listen to. Mine are pretty straight-forward, and while there’s nothing wrong with this, I get a little insecure about how much I’m revealing. Then it could get too shallow and the focus is taken off of the music. Ehh.

I have two songs in the works - both are half-done and I keep trying to figure out what in the world I want to do with them. I’m so indecisive, I keep moving lyrics around and switching up melodies and changing my mind about everything. I also have another one rolling around in the old noodle that I’d like to write about my first relationship - being young and stupid, naive, happy, etc - but again, I don’t want to cross into Taylor Swift territory…that’s a great fear of mine. I’ll keep chipping away at it I guess.

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    Don't Leave Me Alone EP

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    Nice Songs for Nice Friends

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    Bethany Taulbee


A tidbit!

This is a song that my dad has been working on tirelessly for the past few days. This is the most produced song on the EP, and I’m pretty stoked about it. This mix is still not final, but it’s pretty close to what the end result will be.


The album is almost done!

It’s so close I can smell it! Only two more tracks to finish and then it will be done!

The EP is officially called “Nice Songs for Nice Friends” and it will feature 5 songs that I’ve written! I’m so excited! :) My dad has been hard at work with recording and arranging and it’s going to sound so crisp. I’m thinking another week or so?

It will be available on Bandcamp and in person! It’ll probably be somewhere in the $3-5 range. Also, there’s a possible music video in the works? ;)

Here’s one of the songs (which I also do with Son of the Sea) called Sooner or Later.

So this is completely unrelated to my music but I crocheted this doily thing and I’m kinda proud of it. Well, it’s supposed to be a place mat but I think it’s a doily.

Either way, that jazz is fancy.

New new new! I’m on a roll, two songs in two days! This one almost wrote itself in about 30 minutes. Well, and then I went back and did some revisions, but still…someone give me a cookie.

Ok, so inspiration for this one popped into my head after listening to a song with a similar subject matter by Campbell the Band - you should listen to it, it’s nice (but listen to mine first…hah.) It’s the typical “I have a crush on a guy who might not know I exist” scenario. I seem to have a knack for songs like this, haha.

EDIT - This is the second version…I switched around some lyrics and wrote a bridge. The quality is crappy but soon I’ll be getting in the studio to make some smooth jamz.

2012 has been good to me already, I popped out a new song! Well, mostly. I wrote some of it during my layover in Charlotte last night and finished it today.

I won’t get too into the subject matter, but I know someone with cancer and I imagined the thoughts and feelings it brings up for her and her loved ones.

So….here it is.

***Note: This is my first time showcasing my newly acquired guitar skillz. They kind of suck. Be patient, that F#m is a killer.

"In My Dreams"

New song, just finished it today. This one took a while to write - I had all of the lyrics and couldn’t find a melody that I liked.

It’s kind of an ambiguous love song…it’s not really written with anyone in particular in mind but it’s pretty much about my future husband. The lyrics for the first half are kind-of what I daydream about happening, and in the second half those hopes/thoughts are the present.

Yeah, I’m sentimental. It’s a thing.

This is one of my favorite ukulele songs ever - it’s called “Knots” by Lisa Hannigan. It’s really, really fun to play but my hand is always on the verge of spasms by the end, which is why the last few seconds are a little rough.

Anyway, here ya go.

This song, “Bird On My Shoulder,” is by the Swedish singer Amanda Bergman who was in the last video I posted. This song is so simple and beautiful and I’ve probably listened to it 300 times.

I need to get a piano in this apartment somehow so I can accompany myself on something other than the uke…until then, enjoy the sound of being hit in the face with a palm tree.

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