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Writer’s Block

Can’t say I’ve ever legitimately had it before until now. And I’m going to be honest, it’s really annoying, haha.

On a related note, I’m constantly on the fence about my music writing style. I have some friends that write these gorgeous, poetic songs that take a while to figure out. They have deep meaning and are rewarding to write and listen to. Mine are pretty straight-forward, and while there’s nothing wrong with this, I get a little insecure about how much I’m revealing. Then it could get too shallow and the focus is taken off of the music. Ehh.

I have two songs in the works - both are half-done and I keep trying to figure out what in the world I want to do with them. I’m so indecisive, I keep moving lyrics around and switching up melodies and changing my mind about everything. I also have another one rolling around in the old noodle that I’d like to write about my first relationship - being young and stupid, naive, happy, etc - but again, I don’t want to cross into Taylor Swift territory…that’s a great fear of mine. I’ll keep chipping away at it I guess.

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